Centerpieces For A Wedding Reception: Why You Should Hire A Florist

Are you planning an extravagant wedding and want floral centerpieces on the tables at the reception? It is in your best interest to leave the creation of the flower arrangements to a professional, especially if you need a lot of them. Find out below how a florist can create floral centerpieces to your specifications, as well as what you will be charged.

Why Should a Florist Be Hired for Designing Centerpieces for a Wedding?

You should hire a florist because he or she will be able to incorporate your wedding colors into unique centerpiece designs. You will have more than beautiful flowers sitting on the tables, as the centerpieces will also have ribbons and other decorative items in them. The florist can also place cards within the floral arrangements that welcome your guests to the celebration. You can also have the cards placed in the centerpieces as a way to let guests know that they can take the flowers home with them if they desire to do so.

Hiring a florist for your centerpieces is also ideal if you want flowers in them that are not in season. A florist is able to order flowers from all around the world, and the flowers that you want may be in season in a different country. Working with a florist is also a great way to get exotic flowers that are not available in your country.

Another great service provided by florists is help setting the centerpieces up on the tables. A centerpiece can be more than about the flowers, but also about what is placed next to them. A florist can place the centerpieces on the tables along with candles and other decorations.

What Does a Florist Charge to Create Centerpieces for a Wedding?

If you are looking to get fancy centerpieces designed by a florist, you can expect to pay at least $100 plus for each of them. The price will be based on how many flowers are in each centerpiece, as well as how many of them are being designed. The types of flowers used will also be factored into the price. You may be charged extra if you want the florist to professionally arrange the finished centerpieces on each table.

Make sure your centerpieces will be conversation starters at the wedding reception by getting them designed professionally. Get in touch with a florist so he or she can begin working on the centerpieces!