How To Host A Mexican Fiesta

Are you having an anniversary party, a birthday celebration, or any other kind of special event? If you have chosen a Mexican fiesta as your theme, you are in for a lot of fun. Here are some ideas that will make your event charming and memorable. 

The Invitations: Even though you can put the word out in email form or invite your guests by phone calls, there's just something very special about receiving an invitation through the mail. Make it a special one!

  • A festive touch would be to print the information on colorful paper, roll it up and tie it with curling ribbon. The place the invitation in a plastic bottle, add more curling ribbon and confetti and send it off.
  • Another idea is to print the information and place it between two pieces of papel picado, or paper that has been cut with designs in it.
  • A third idea is to have a traditional invitation using red, green, and white of the Mexican flag as the colors in the design.

The Food: Of course, traditional tacos, enchiladas, chalupas, and tamales with sides of rice and beans would be fabulous.

  • However, consider doing a fajita bar. Set out hot flour tortillas and have grilled chicken, steak, onions, bell peppers, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa so that your guests can build their own fajitas. The rice and beans as sides would still be great.
  • If you want to serve something a bit different, go with calabacita casserole. Simply saute sliced squash, onions, and tomatoes, top them with canned corn and lots of grated cheese and bake them in the oven before serving. 
  • Tres Leches cake or flan would be a perfect dessert.

The Decorations: Custom flower arrangements would be perfect. And, if you order them made with silk flowers from a company such as Primrose and Poppy, that would be excellent because they would last a long time.

  • Consider ordering silk floral arrangements made with many different colors of flowers to keep with the Mexican festive theme.
  • A darling addition would be to set Mexican pottery or clay birds next to them. Another idea would be to have miniature pinatas as part of the arrangements. 
  • Think about ordering a dramatic silk floral wreath for your front door. Besides the beautiful flowers, ask the florist to add ribbons of many colors to the design, both looped through the flowers and hanging from the bottom of the wreath.

Have a wonderful time at your Mexican party!