How To Plan a Memorable Fiftieth Anniversary Party for Your Parents

Are your parents celebrating the big 5-0? If so, it is definitely a reason to honor them. If you have decided to have a party to mark the occasion, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something lovely, fun, and memorable.

The Invitations—These will set the mood for the event.

  • The first thing on your list should probably be to gather the names of friends and family members that your parents want to be included on the guest list, as this will help you to determine what kind of event you will be able to handle.
  • Try to send the invitations out so that they will be received at least two weeks before the party. Three weeks would even be better.
  • Have you picked a theme? If you are going with a traditional theme, consider sending formal printed invitations. For something more casual, a picture of your parents as part of the invitation would be adorable, especially if you can get a picture that was taken on their wedding day.

The Location—This will probably be decided when you know how many guests will be attending your event.

  • For a small and intimate celebration, consider having the party right in your own living room and dining room. There is just something warm and sweet about house parties.
  • If the list includes many friends and family members, you could still save money by hosting the event in your backyard, and you could turn it into a very festive scenario. If you do that, consider renting party tents in case of rain.
  • A banquet hall or a restaurant would be great locations, too. If you decide to have it at a restaurant, consider selecting one that has space for separate dining.

The Decorations—Consider following the same theme as your invitation motif. Elegant, or fun and casual? Either way, consider using floral arrangements as part of the decorations.

  • If you are going to do the arrangements yourself, place your flower order early so you won't be disappointed. If you are placing an order for flower arrangements that are done at the florists, it would be great to meet the florist in person so that you can be on the same page as to what kind of arrangements you desire. Consider speaking with a representative from Rouvalis Flowers and Garden to get started.
  • A darling touch would be to have small pictures of your parents by the flower arrangements. Think about using pictures from the day of their wedding through the present day, as the pictures would tell a story of their life together. For a formal touch, consider gold frames. For a fun and festive touch, consider frames in all different colors that will go well with the flower arrangements.
  • It would be very special if you ordered a corsage for your mother and a boutonniere for your dad to wear.

Best wishes on planning a wonderful fiftieth anniversary party for your parents.