3 Gifts And Accessories You Need To Make A Great Halloween Themed Bouquet

Whether you want to brighten up a sick person's day or give your spouse a token of your undying love, a bouquet filled with beautiful flowers is a great way to do it. One way to customize your gift and make it more relevant to a specific time of the year is to include things in the bouquet that give it a clear Halloween theme. Specifically, these three gifts and accessories are a sure bet for making an unforgettable Halloween themed bouquet.

Candy Bars Thin Enough To Fit In Between The Plant Stems

It's hard to justify going with a Halloween theme if you don't include at least a little bit of candy or chocolate in your bouquet. When you're picking out what to buy, focus on candy bars that are thin and light enough to fit through the spaces between flowers without pushing them too far apart from each other.

With good planning beforehand, you can even customize the specific flowers in the bouquet so that their colors match the colors of the candy bar wrappings. This way, the addition of the candy won't appreciably damage the overall aesthetic appeal of the bouquet.

Plastic Spiders And Bugs To Hang On The Flowers

While a Halloween themed bouquet that only includes candy bars might be a very enjoyable sight, it's not exactly a scary thing to behold. To remedy this problem, buy a few plastic spiders or bugs and strew them around the most conspicuous parts of the flowers. You can secure them with either double sided scotch tape or a small amount of glue.

If you can get your hands on plastic pieces that come with hoops on their sides, securing them on either flower petals or stems will be an easy task. Look for plastic rings with bugs and spiders on them at your local party store.

A Few Small Twigs From Trees To Hang Fake Cobwebs From

Find a fairly small tree that has a lot of small and thin twigs jutting off from its main branches. As long as these twigs aren't too crooked, you should have an easy time fitting them into your bouquet.

Once the twigs are in the bouquet, buy a few fake cobwebs and wrap them around the wood. Together with your plastic spiders and bugs, your bouquet of flowers will suddenly become a very unique and appropriately sinister gift for the occasion.

Even if some cobwebs are left over, resist the temptation to stuff them into the tight spaces between the lower parts of the plant stems. Unless you decided to not include candy bars, this will just make your bouquet appear more crowded than it has to be.

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