Using Hydrangea Flowers For A Funeral

Sympathy flowers are an emotional way to show somebody that you care when a loved one passes away. There are many different species of flowers that you could use for these arrangements. One that isn't used as often as it could be is hydrangea flowers from a florist like Marine Florists.

The Meaning Of Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea flowers are a colorful and interesting flowers that have a deep and interesting meaning. They symbolize deep and heartfelt emotions, though they are sometimes considered boastful or vain in some instances. It is often used for fourth anniversary wedding celebrations and indicates a deep emotion between the person who is giving the flowers and those who are receiving them.

As a result, they are a very effective and appropriate flower for a funeral, especially if they are arranged in a heartfelt manner. Before they are arranged for a funeral, they must be taken care of by the person who is arranging the flowers. This helps them survive before the funeral starts.

Taking Care Of It Before The Funeral

Hydrangea flowers need a steady supply of light to bloom well, including a nice source of sunlight. However, they should be taken out of the direct afternoon sun as this can damage them or drain them of color. Daily watering is necessary to keep them from drying out. Distilled water is the best to use with these particular flowers.

The temperature needs to stay around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit at all times to avoid getting too cold. The humidity should be kept at about an average level, with the stems and the flowers away from drafts and direct sources of heat. Once they've reached full blooming maturity, they can be arranged for a funeral.

Arranging Hydrangeas For A Funeral

After the hydrangeas have bloomed, they can be cut near the base of the trim and placed in a vase with water to keep them hydrated. A few days before the funeral, take them out of the base and let them dry out. This makes them easier to arrange into simple bouquets that are appropriate for funerals and for those who are mourning.

When trimming them, harvest flowers that are not completely open, as this will allow them to open up while you are arranging them. Arrange them in a bouquet form, tying them together with a piece of ribbon around the center of the stems. Tie a sympathy card to this ribbon and handle the hydrangeas carefully when going to the funeral.

By following these simple steps, it is easy to arrange these flowers into a sympathy bouquet which will be memorable for years to come. They are particularly powerful when given to someone who is really struggling with the death and whom the giver is very close to emotionally.