How to Send Flowers to Your New Boss

Thanking your new boss for hiring you and placing you in a position in their business is a great way to show your appreciation for the opportunity you've received. It's also a way to stand out from other new hires and even current employees.

You want to send your boss flowers as a show of appreciation, but you don't want to come across as too intimate or make the wrong impression with your message. This guide will help you create the ideal flower arrangement for your boss to enjoy.

Keep it simple

A simple flower arrangement—or an assortment of decorative grasses and ferns—is all you need to show your boss your gratitude. Don't go overboard with large blooms or excessive use of the same flower; don't send your boss a large bouquet of a dozen roses when a simple daisy will do. Your flower bouquet should be simple and not distracting.

You can also include a small box of chocolates or a candle along with your floral arrangement, but keep accessories to your bouquet simple as well. Don't opt for a large decorative vase when a plain clear vase will do.

Make a small message

Your message with your flower arrangement should be small and to the point: tell your boss thank you with your signature or choose another small phrase to get your intentions across. You don't have to send a lavish card singing praises or a long story about how grateful you are. Your performance on the job will show your boss how grateful you really are.

Pick the right time

You want to make sure you've been at your job for a few days before you send your boss a thank-you bouquet of flowers. Sending flowers too soon may give your boss the impression that you are too eager to please while sending a thank-you later in your employment can take away from the intention of your message. Give it a few weeks at most before giving your boss flowers to express your job opportunity gratitude.

Your boss will likely be impressed and touched by your expression of gratitude for your job opportunity. Make sure your intentions are pure and that you are simply not sending flowers to show up your fellow coworkers or get a job advancement. A pure gesture of gratitude in the form of flowers is a great way to tell your boss how you feel.