Dealing With An Overload Of Fresh Flowers After A Funeral? What Should You Do With These Arrangements?

If you've recently suffered the loss of a close relative, you may have been awed and humbled at the generosity of those showering expressions of sympathy upon your family, particularly when it comes to fresh flower arrangements from professional florists. You may be reluctant to leave these beautiful arrangements at the grave site, but at a loss as to where you should store them or what you should do after they've wilted. [Read More]

3 Gifts And Accessories You Need To Make A Great Halloween Themed Bouquet

Whether you want to brighten up a sick person's day or give your spouse a token of your undying love, a bouquet filled with beautiful flowers is a great way to do it. One way to customize your gift and make it more relevant to a specific time of the year is to include things in the bouquet that give it a clear Halloween theme. Specifically, these three gifts and accessories are a sure bet for making an unforgettable Halloween themed bouquet. [Read More]

How To Plan a Memorable Fiftieth Anniversary Party for Your Parents

Are your parents celebrating the big 5-0? If so, it is definitely a reason to honor them. If you have decided to have a party to mark the occasion, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something lovely, fun, and memorable. The Invitations—These will set the mood for the event. The first thing on your list should probably be to gather the names of friends and family members that your parents want to be included on the guest list, as this will help you to determine what kind of event you will be able to handle. [Read More]

How To Host A Mexican Fiesta

Are you having an anniversary party, a birthday celebration, or any other kind of special event? If you have chosen a Mexican fiesta as your theme, you are in for a lot of fun. Here are some ideas that will make your event charming and memorable.  The Invitations: Even though you can put the word out in email form or invite your guests by phone calls, there's just something very special about receiving an invitation through the mail. [Read More]